Email from an Eyewitness - 6-8-00

Hi.  Sorry I never got a chance to respond to your note suggesting I write 
the Times.  I thought about it a lot and quite seriously.  But I don't think 
writing the Times - especially the Times - makes a difference.  They just 
don't seem to care what a witness says.  

It may sound funny, but it's almost like if it comes from a third party - an 
'objective' person - then they might listen and care.  I can't tell you how 
many times I have heard people just dismiss what I've said to them.  It's 
like they believe the press so much that they just look at me like I must be 
confused.  (Then there was the lawyer, a friend, who said I had to be careful 
to continue to speak up because of the legal action being taken by some of 
the parties ... So much for free speech.  Or even honesty.)

About a year and a half after Flight 800 was shot down I couldn't understand 
why the other witnesses seemed to be so resigned, much quieter and more 
subdued.  Now I understand.  It's just exhausting to keep speaking into a 
wind tunnel.  It's like telling people they have cancer, they just don't want 
to hear it.  Even if they could be proactive and do something useful if they 

Thank you for your suggestion, and for your persistence.  I will write 
someone/where at some point.  I'm not entirely exhausted (yet).  It just 
didn't seem like it would make a bit of difference in this case. 

Best wishes, 
(name withheld)




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