Other Reports of Missiles or Rockets both before and after Flight 800

At the time of the TWA Flight 800 crash, there had been 26 commercial aircraft shot down worldwide by rebels or terrorist groups using shoulder-fired weapons.  Since that time many more have been shot at or shot down including the El Al flight fired at in Africa and the DHL cargo plane hit at the Baghdad Airport last year.  While there have been sporadic news reports of these incidents, they generally have been quickly forgotten by the press.  However, since 9/11 there is a heightened sense of urgency and the government and airlines have been investigating ways to protect commercial aircraft from the threat.


The Hull Thread - Missile & Rocket Reports both before and after Flight 800


The Hull Thread - The Tale of the Tapes - Transcripts and Audio Tapes of Pilot / ATC reports of missiles.


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Missile-Like Sightings Around Long Island

Animation of Several Missile Sightings - by Ian Goddard - 7-17-01 
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