Videos on Flight 800

The NTSB, and inexplicably the CIA, produced video simulations of the aircraft's flight path after the last secondary radar return, which is assumed to be when the initial explosion occurred.  In all versions they show the aircraft climbing several thousand feet after losing the front 1/3 of the airplane.  Not only is this aerodynamically impossible, it doesn't fit with available primary radar data, eyewitness reports or a simple ballistic trajectory from the last secondary radar return.  The videos are clearly designed to try to explain away 96 eyewitnesses who saw a streak of light rising from the surface and intersect with Flight 800.

The NTSB also produced a video simulation of the fuel tank exploding.  When shown on the national news, they failed to mention that they had to use a highly explosive mixture of hydrogen and propane to make the tank explode.  They could not make it explode with Aviation kerosene!  I will add other videos produced by the NTSB as time permits.

Animation is No Accident at NTSB – GOVERNMENT VIDEOS - May 1998 

C-Span coverage of August 27, 1999 Press Conference
NTSB Video recreation (333k) of TWA Flight 800 flight path - File 4.3mb - 8-13-99 
Controversial CIA Video recreation of climbing 747 - Download File 4mb - 8-13-99
Boeing's Press Release on the Video - 8-30-99 
NTSB Video of view from the beach (269k)- Download File 1.5mb - 8-13-99 
NTSB video of Debris Path (340k)- Download File 1.6mb - 8-14-99 
Recovery of the Black Boxes (443k)- Download File 1.4mb - 8-14-99 
Divers & black boxes - Download File 1.2mb - 8-14-99 
Kalstrom press conference (556k)- 11-18-97- Download File 1.4mb - 8-14-99
Simulation of CWT explosion w/ hydrogen & propane -Download File 3.3mb 9-14-99 
Short version of CWT simulated explosion (85k)- Download File 1.6mb -  8-14-99
3 minute Streaming Video recreation (389k) of witnesses Gipe and Angelides view of the crash 
- requires RealPlayer - 11-21-98, Download video file (389k)
Full 10 minute Streaming Video recreation of witnesses Gipe and Angelides view of the crash - requires RealPlayer - 1,295k - 11-22-98 Download Video File

Flight 800 - ATC audio tape - 7-17-96




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