Lab Tests showing "nitrates" on CW504 - 7-29-98
Information on the Fuel Tank Theory
Information on Clinton's Executive Order # 13039
Response from Navy about Executive Order # 13039 - 4-20-99
Stinger Shoulder-Launched Missile - 12-23-99 
Stinger specifications - 12-20-99 
Mistral Shoulder-Launched Missile - 5-31-99
Analysis of NTSB Exhibit 10A Addendum 2 - by Richard Hirsch 
National Conference on Presidential Powers & Executive Orders - July 14, 1999
Cmdr Donaldson is on the panel speaking about Executive Orders & Flight 800
Newsday's depiction of NTSB theory to discount eyewitnesses

Domed up Center Fuel TankPhotographs of the Center Fuel Tank do not support the NTSB's contention that the CWT blew up spontaneously from some unknown internal ignition ounce. A picture of the reconstruction of the CWT shows that one of the large floor beams of the CWT is bent upward into the CWT.  One would think that an internal explosion would bend the beam in the opposite direction. 

Debris Field Database- Leaked to Outside Investigators   9-2-99
Debris Field Database Plot by ARAP  9-2-99
Audio transcript of Air Traffic Control Center
Addendum to FDR analysis (pdf 658k) - 12-20-99
The Rand Report - Safety in the Skies (pdf 357k) - 12-20-99
NTSB Exhibit 20I, FBI Chemical Study of Residue (pdf 133k) - 12-20-99
Bruntingthorpe CWT explosion test (pdf 2.7mb) - Exhibit 18 - 12-20-99 
Kabot Photo from Paris Match (gif 30k) - 12-23-99 
Krieger Contrail Photo (gif 8k) - 12-23-99 
Supervisor of Salvage Report on TWA Flight 800 Recovery (pdf 5.1mb) - May 1998 
List of Victims of Flight 800
Boeing 747 Accident Database - 3-7-00 
NTSB Exhibit 9A-FHS - Boeing's 1980 study on center wing tank fuel heating in the E-4B aircraft, a military version of the 747. (warning - pdf document 5.0 mb)
Analysis of the Flight Data Recorder - by Richard Hirsch 
Comments the FDR Analysis - by Howard Mann 
Boeing Releases its Report to the NTSB - pdf format - 547 K  - 5-10-00
Statement from Al Hayat Newspaper in London - July 1996
PanAm 103 Official Investigation Site
PanAm 103 Investigation Site
PanAm 103 Investigation - Explosive Engineer's Findings - 10-17-00 
Mike Hull - PanAm 103 link
Reconstruction Photos



  Evidence of a Missile

  Flight 800 Database

Flight 800

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