Lab Tests Showing Nitrates on Key Aircraft Parts

As a part of the NTSB investigation, Dr. Birkey of NTSB sent samples from parts CW504 and CW114 to NASA for analysis. He also sent reference samples taken from the cabin interior. The following two reports from Dr. Charles Bassett of NASA clearly show that CW504 and CW114 were found to be contaminated with nitrates and also seat fibers from the aircraft interior. CW504 was the first significant aircraft part to land in the Debris Field and therefore likely the first part to leave the aircraft.

Two things make these reports significant. First, the fact that aircraft seat fibers were stuck to CW504 is highly unusual because this part would not likely come in contact with the cabin interior with a Center Fuel Tank Explosion. Second, the presence of Nitrates on these two Center Wing Tank parts after two weeks of immersion in seawater indicates the possible presence of explosives. Nitrates are highly soluble in water and the fact that the parts still contained traces of Nitrates should have prompted further testing to determine the source of the Nitrates. Instead, Dr. Birkey of NTSB told Dr. Bassett to stop testing. Why??????

Lab Tests by Dr. Charles Bassett - Acrobat file

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