Analysis of Flight Data Recorder

Glen Schulze, a noted expert witness in Aviation Accident Tape  Analysis, has completed an extensive analysis of the limited data released by the NTSB on the Flight Data Recorder (FDR), its numerous revisions by the NTSB and a recently obtained segment of the analog tape waveform at the end of the tape.

In this detailed analysis he proves beyond any doubt that the NTSB is withholding data from the end of the FDR tape.  The analysis shows that the printed data released by the NTSB, which was revised several times, does not match the analog tape segment waveform received under 
the Freedom of Information Act.  Glen's analysis shows that there could be up to 4 seconds missing from the end of the tape, or in the alternative, the end of the tape was edited to remove some data, causing the difference between the printed data and the waveform data.

Although this is very technical reading, it is worth a look.  He supports his analysis with numerous exhibits from the NTSB docket public record. The final graphic shows a transient spike, which is 
consistent with electronic editing.

This new information is troubling and demands and explanation from the NTSB.  Perhaps we will finally get one with the new Administration.

You can find his analysis at:
Glenn Schulze's In Depth Analysis - September 2000

Also see Cashill's Column "Fateful 4 Seconds" - July 9, 2001

Glen Schulze's January 8, 2008 Update



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