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Sunday, October 10 @ 7pm ET/PTOn July 17, 1996, at 8:31 pm/et, TWA Flight 800 exploded midair and fell into the Atlantic. All 230 onboard perished. Federal investigators meticulously reconstructed the aircraft, looking for any evidence of terrorism and found none. They concluded that a malfunction in the center fuel tank caused the explosion. But this official conclusion has never satisfied a coterie of independent investigators and conspiracy theorists. We weigh existing evidence against various theories to let you decide. 
September 11, 2001:  Mr. George Stephanopoulos, former assistant to President Clinton, on ABC TV with Peter Jennings in mid afternoon talked about the two situation rooms in the White House. 
Stephanopoulos: "There are facilities in the White House, not the normal situation room, which everyone has seen in the past, has seen pictures of. There is a second situation room, behind the primary situation room, which has video conferencing capabilities. The director of the Pentagon, the defense chief, can speak from a national military command center at the Pentagon. The Secretary of State can speak from the State Department, the President from wherever he is, and they'll have this capability for video conferencing throughout this crisis."  "In my time at the White House it was used in the aftermath of the Oklahoma City bombing, in the aftermath of the TWA Flight 800 bombing, and that would be the way they would stay in contact through the afternoon. "    
Jennings: "Just a couple of short questions." (Asks if the president has any say about following Secret Service orders.)
(Editor's Note: The reference to "bombing" could have been a slip of the tongue, I am sure he meant to say shootdown.) 
Transcript of ABC News 9-11-01 new

Senator Kerry On Larry King Live:  Tonight (9-11-01), Senator Kerry, who was on the Intelligence Committee until last year, includes Flight 800 along with the embassy bombings in discussing our reaction to terrorism! Transcript.
Senator John Kerry on MSNBC Hardball w/ Chris Matthews (9/24/01 7:15pm E.S.T.)  "You know, we've had terrorism for a long time now. We've had the Achille Lauro, the Munich Olympics, the pipe bomb at the Olympics in Atlanta, the TWA 800, the bombing of embassies, and it's not going to disappear overnight."  Transcript

James Kallstrom was quoted on network television yesterday as saying: "this is the first time since TWA 800," inferring that TWA was an act of terrorism.  (Editor's Note:  Mr. Kallstrom denied making any such statements today (9-17-01) when I asked him to comment on these reports.)  If anyone has video tape of Mr. Kallstrom's comments, please contact ARAP so we can get a verified transcript.  
Kallstrom on CBS with Dan Rather, 9-11-01:  "We need to stop the hypocrisy, not that hypocrisy got us to this day. I'm not saying it did. But this is serious business, and--and those of us in law enforcement over the years and intelligence work over the years didn't know what day this would happen, hoped it would never happen, but thought surely some day, it might happen." Transcript

MSNBC interview by Brian Williams with Mr. Isaac Yeffet, the former Director of Security for El-Al Airlines, 9/28/2001 at approximately 8:30 pm, ET.
       Brian Williams:  "Do you think the US is still under the threat of terrorist hijackings, of aircraft being used as flying bombs?  With your knowledge of the terrorism business, do you think they won't just move on to another mode of delivering terror?"       Isaac Yeffet (English is not his first language):  "We thought in the past, in the '70's, that what happened with the US air carriers, this would be the end of the terrorist attack.  Look what happened since Lockerbie, PanAm103?  What happened to TWA 800?  Look now what happened?  Who can guarantee us that the terrorists will decide no more attacks in the US, unless somebody will tell me that we took control over the terrorist organizations and we let them know that here, they cannot come."  
Boston's WRKO (680AM) whose featured guest was a man by the name of Isaac Yeffet who is the former security head of El Al.  At one point he was asked about the Russian plane just downed in the Baltic Sea with the conjecture that it was a terrorist attack. He stated that it wasn't a terrorist act because it left from Israel. He said it was probably a missile. Minutes later ABC broke in with the info that it is now believed that a SAM missile may have been responsible.  But back to my main point.....Mr. Yesset listed terrorist attacks against the U.S. and he included TWA 800. He was later questioned about that...and he said there was no question in his mind that there was no mechanical failure, that it was a terrorist attack. 
FoxNews - O'Reilly Factor - Vernon Grose, former NTSB Board Member says he doubts NTSB conclusion on Flight 800 and believes there was a cover up of parts of the investigation.  Transcript.
FoxNews - O'Reilly Factor - Victoria Cummock - a member of President Clinton's Anti-Terrorism taskforce on Airline Safety, claims Al Gore was responsible for watering down anti-terrorism measures after political contributions from the Airline Industry.  Transcript.
FoxNews - Terrorism Hits America - John Gibson, former CIA Counterterrorism officer says he has doubts about Flight 800. Transcript.
WorldNetDaily - Shippers on Metcalf Today - 10-15-01    NetTalkDaily 8:00 pm ET
CNN Cops out on Jack Cashill Interview and Video
ARAP E-Mail: I was watching Hannity and Colmes on Fox tonight (12/27/01). One of their guests was Dick Morris, aid to President Clinton. He was talking about the events of terrorism leading up to 911. He mentioned the "Bombing of TWA 800". I was surprised that neither of the reporters asked him about this. I would of thought that they would of stopped him and asked why he said bombing.  Editor's Note:  ARAP contacted Dick Morris and here is his response:  "I will be referring to the TWA crash in ongoing commentary over the next few weeks and will be sure to mention how the cause of the crash has not been established."
Encounters with the Unexplained"Encounters with the Unexplained" - hosted by Jerry orbach, will do a story on TWA Flight 800.  The program is on Pax TV, (KPXN, Channel 30 in Los Angeles), Friday, February 8, 2002, 9:00 pm.  Pax is a nationwide channel.  Check your local listings for the time of the broadcast. new
Aviation Week Poll - Are you satisfied that the NTSB Report correctly identified the cause of the TWA800 Crash?  Results = 66.4% NO, 33.4% Yes 




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