Condolences on the Death of CDR William S. Donaldson

September 13, 2001
As an eyewitness, I've been very disturbed by and unable to accept the 
official explanations of the demise of flight 800 for the past 5 years.   
Bill's work gave me comfort since it more closely correlated with and 
explained what I saw in the sky that fateful evening.   

The official suppression of the truth only delayed a day of reckoning until 
this week's extraordinarily tragic events in New York And Washington.  Bill 
is a great American hero whose work is now memorialized as an urgent warning 
to protect us all, our freedom and the country he loved. 

Paul Angelides 

September 11, 2001
This attack on NYC, etc could have been avoided if the work by Jim and all of you had been heeded.   It cries out for a public hanging of Clinton, Kalstrom, and Hall and all those who suppressed the truth.
In sorrow,
B. Lee
September 11, 2001
As I watch with horror the destruction of the World Trade Center and the bombing of the Pentagon, I am thinking about the downing of TWA 800.  If this country would of told the American people that this plane was shot down, maybe we could of prevented these actions today.  I will personally hold Bill Clinton, Janet Reno and the FBI responsible for these terrorist actions today.  We as a nation should bring them to justice and held accountable for their actions.
John Larson
September 10, 2001
It has been awhile since I visited this site. I was very saddened to learn of the passing of Bill Donaldson. I also want to extend my deepest sympathy to his wife Joyce and family and to his brother Bob. I am truly sorry that I never met this great American. He served his country proudly!!

When I first visited the ARAP site I was very excited that there was still a group trying to find the truth to the DOWNING of Flight 800. Then I discovered that Bill had a brain tumor. I was saddened that he would have to concentrate on his struggle with this disease.
I think there are alot of people in this country who truly believe that the TWA 800 was brought down with a missile and that this is a MAJOR coverup by the government.
God Bless Bill. He is in a better place now.
John Larson 
LCDR US Navy Retired 
Airline Captain

Jose Manuel Garcia - September 7, 2001

I recenlty made a non-comercial web regarding the accident of a CN-235 in
Malaga, Binter Mediterraneo Flight 8261..

I just found out that Cdr Donnaldson died.. And I decided to dedicate it to his memory.. Because his merciless pursue in search of the truth in the case of TWA 800 was a light that brought peace and strenght of will to my live.. In a moment in which I was plenty of doubts about myself..

I wonder now.. Looking back.. If I followed Cdr Donnaldson's updates with so much devotion as much for my interest in aviation as for my admiration of his fidelity to the way he choosed to guide his path..

Anyway.. I think he would say we all knew this had to happen.. So what is it to pretend to be suprised now!

Even thou I never meet him.. I'll miss him..

I hope it does not represents a problem to his family..


Tribute from a Friend - September 4, 2001
My mom (Nancy Koke) told me of Bill's passing. I truly loved him! Bill was a hero and father-figure to me from the minute I met him over 25 years ago in Virginia Beach. He was a dedicated dad, fearless flyer, honorable husband, grateful grandfather, and a forever friend. His memory will be etched in my heart for eternity. Please extend my heart filled sympathy to Joyce, Teresa, and family. 

Always,   Julie & Cody Maupin

                Gazing Skyward, with a questioning prayer.
                We are deeply saddened, that our friend is not there.
                He left so soon.  We wonder why.
                God took this spirit, who was meant to fly.

                He danced the sky with so much joy.
                With the excited heart of a little boy.

                Not just alive, but abounding with life.
                Happiest beside his loving wife.

                For a man so alive there can be no end.
                Though no longer near, he's still my friend.

                Not hindered by wings of metal or wood.
                He's flying in ways only angels could.

                He'll roll around heaven, loop around a star.
                But in our hearts, he'll never be far

                For at night when you look into the darkened blue.
                You will feel him looking back at you.

                Keeping vigil over the sky he once flew.
                Watching over me & watching over you.

                Try not to mourn.  Our friend can still fly.
                On angels wings, through a limitless sky.

By Greg Youngs

Sincere Regrets
September 1 2001 
As a flight attendant for TWA, I lost 18 of my very good friends on this tragic day. Commander Donaldson probably did not know them. He never had a beer with my good Buddy Ray Lang who was working this flight with his girlfriend (also a flight attendant.) But yet, he dedicated his time and energy to finding the truth about the downing of TWA Flight800 and the government coverup of its investigation.  I (and my fellow flight attendants) am forever grateful for the Commander's determination and courage. A true hero in my eyes! 

He will not be alone in his new surroundings as our "TWA Angels in the Sky" have already met and thanked him for his hard work.  May I present his family with my deepest condolences and assure them that he will be remembered by the TWA family as a great Officer and Gentleman.
Jean-Louis Millot 

An Officer and a Gentleman - courage and honesty 
September 2 2001, 1:20 PM 

I agree completely with AUBRAC about Bill. I only met him once (AIM on Conn.) but I admired him and his family even then. Particularly his son's inputs which were never adequately recognized, I felt. And Bob's selfless efforts.

The wedge attempted to be driven between the two 'missile camps' was from outsiders and narrowminders. Bill and Sanders knew that. Whatever the missile cause, terrorist or navy contractor goof, or even other, the concern is the same. The fed crime is the same and must be addressed as best we all can safely.

Courage and honesty are extremely rare in fed service. Due to the corrupt fed culture few feel they can afford these rare qualities. There is no accountability by the citizens. We all suffer as a result. Bill knew that, I feel.

There may be a magic spark after all in this and it may be Bill. His courage and honesty may enflame others of us to have more courage and honesty to make our government more accountable and less corrupt. Possibly even someone in government. I don't know of a current elected official on this issue.

I still hope to drop by for a mess of apples and talk about the past five years and keep Bill's project alive.

Warmest Regards,

Stan Clark, a retired navy civilian 

So long great Warrior
September 2 2001 
With the passing of Commander Donaldson, the mystery of TWA800 is over. He who fought for the truth the hardest now knows what the rest of us must wait to learn.

Until then, we must continue, in his honor, the fight for the truth so that all of us will be able to rest easier knowing that the cause of the 800 disaster was not a scenario of unexplainable events that led to the explosion of a center fuel tank. Rather, a finger that pulled a trigger, that fired a missle, that caused the tank to explode.

Commander Donaldson, you represented your family and America well, more than once and with the highest amount of respect. I never knew you, but I know that there are people like you and you like them. There are many and there are few. You were both. We shall never forget and we will never give up. In your memory we shall prevail in our fight and you will be our beacon of hope. Rest in peace.

John Rozatti,
SSgt, USAF 1976-1981

With regrets......
August 23 2001

My deepest sympathies go out to the family and friends of Commander William Donaldson, USN/Ret.

"And all I ask is a tall ship and a star to steer her by".  Rest in Peace

Michael Delaney
August 24 2001, 4:54 AM 

A great man who will be very sadly missed by one who never even met him.

Goodbye Commander ... and thank you.

May the family of Commander William Donaldson USN(Ret.) take comfort in knowing: 

He has slipped the surly bonds of earth,
Flying truly unlimited, to finally
Touch the face of God...

Rest in Peace, Bill...

August 24 2001, 3:33 AM 

Do not stand at my grave and weep. 
I am not there. I do not sleep. I am
a thousand winds that blow. I am
the diamond glints on snow. I am the 
sunlight on ripened grain. I am the gentle autumn rain. 
When you awaken in the morning’s 
hush, I am the swift uplifting
rush of quiet birds in circling flight.
I am the soft star that shines at night.
Do not stand at my grave and cry.
I am not there. I did not die.

--Anonymous Quotation

Invisible People
August 24 2001 

To the friends and family of CDR Donaldson:

CDR Donaldson has made an impact on the aviation world through his undaunted persuit of the truth regarding the fate of TWA800. I have sat largely silently by, probably much like many other people who are largely invisible, absorbing the information presented on this website. As a professional pilot and aircraft mechanic myself, I have NEVER believed the government's account of the TWA800 disaster. I am committed to furthering this investigation as I am able, based on the great inspiration of CDR Donaldson. 

May you have peace, and the knowledge that CDR Donaldson will be missed even by those of us that never met him, but have been positively impacted by his work, nonetheless.


To the family of CDR William S. Donaldson, III,

Please accept my sympathy and deepest condolences upon the passing of CDR Donaldson.
He will be missed by all who seek the truth.

Richard S. Rynar

Dear Bob, 

Please accept my truly heartfelt condolences. I've had Bill in my prayers since I first wrote you and we found out about his condition. My only consolation is that God figured Bill had toiled enough here on earth and thought he deserved early rewards. Bill was a truly great man. 

Bob, thank you so much for the work you've put into this. I commend you on your decision to keep this fight alive and I think it be the highest tribute we could pay to Bill to eventually win this battle especially in the light of the battle we have already lost. If there is anything, and I stress that, ANYTHING, I can do to personally help, in any way I can, please, please do not hesitate to ask. I would consider it an honor to help, and to contribute in any way that you could use me. Your brother will be sorely missed, and I pray that your heart be eased and healed. You are far from alone, thousands of us sympathize and we all feel the loss. 

God Bless you and yours. Please extend our aloha to all of yours and Bill's family. 
Ronald W. Stanford Sr.

What heart breaking news.  I am terribly, terribly sorry. 

Thank you for letting me know. 

I am so sorry Bob. 

My condolences to the brave brother of a very courageous man.  Hope you 
continue to keep his work and the board alive and that it brings you 
consolation to do it.. Sincerely,
Please accept my condolences on the loss of your brother.  I want you and other members of his family to know that  he meant much to many of us who never actually met him face to face. 
Bill served his country well. Thanks to him -- and to you for the support you provided.
Bless his memory.
Peter Viemeister
Dear Bob,

You and all of Bill's family have our heartfelt condolences on the occasion of his passing.
Bill and I had our differences but it never kept us from working together and he will be sorely missed by all who knew him. I truly loved him for his persistence.

I would have contacted you earlier except on the l8th I had another heart attack and spent the next eight days in the hospital.  One of my by-passes had plugged up and the "Cardiac Magicians" had to drill it out and install two stents.  The procedure went well and I have not felt this "up" for several years.

Once again, kindly express our condolences and thank the Lord Bill did not suffer any longer.

Best regards,
Howard Mann 

Dear MR BOb,

I dont know really what to say,or what to write, I know that words don't change anything.  This is Life.  I dont know if MR William told you anything about me or not, but I lost my dad on EgyptAir flight 990, and Mr William  it happened and he was trying to help me really to get to the truth of this crash, What can I say!!!!!!!He was really a very kind person alhough I did not meet him but I felt as if I know him long time ago or somehow relative to me.  He was so close to my heart, I felt  that he tells me,he feels how I was suffering and he was trying to help me in any way.  He is a brave man Really, I did not find somebody so sensitive like him,God Bless him Really,and let him settle in peace after fighting all those years on Earth...

MY Heart Goes to you and your family,and I was going to the states next december and I was planning to go and meet him but This is Life,We dont know Whose Turn it is ........We have an Egyption exaple it says they are the first but not the last,and we will also follow them sooner or later.   So GOD Bless him and bless every brave man who was faithful to his country..



Dear Donaldson Family,

      Please accept my most sincere condolences regarding 
the passing of Commander Donaldson.

Bob and Family: 

I'm truly sorry to the receive your sad news. We all know that Bill and I didn't see eye to eye on all subjects but just know I will have fondist memories of our "chats" in Lot 7...or was that Lot 2. 
I guess the irony of our situations is that we both have experienced the passing of loved ones and it is real tough to handle. I just feel fortunate that I will be able to replace my loss with another life.  By the way "Winston" is the name of my new dog who will re-arrive in about 10 days. I say re-arrive because I went to pick him up on Thursday and one of his litter mates had poked him in the eye and he needed surgery to fix it... deau j vu all over again. I'm really looking forward to Winston and hope he will help fill the void left by Bucy's loss. I hope you will be able to find something to help fill the void Bill's passing will have in your heart and soul. 




                      GOD BLESS, MIKE WIRE


I am greatly saddened by the news of Bill's death and send to you and Bill's family my prayers and thanks for his courageous life. 

Although I never had the honor of meeting Bill in person, I continue now in his death to know him as a friend and colleague. 


Very, very sad... 56 is young.  His resume is very distinguished.  A huge loss to his family... FIRO, ARAP, and the American public as well.

Sincerely, Mark L. Berry

Bob, We are saddened to hear of Commander Donaldson's passing.

We are rededicated to his unwavering pursuit of the truth in this matter.  His courageous devotion is an inspiration to many including myself.


What a fine human being and what a tragic loss.  He will be deeply missed, even by those of us he didn't know personally, but who admired him deeply for his extraordinary, integrity, intelligence and courage.

My condolences to the family,

Debbie Keil Holtsclaw

Dear Bob:
   Please accept my condolences on the sad news of Bill's passing. Bill and I worked together on several TWA Flight 800 news stories here at News 12 Long Island. 
   I always found Bill to be a courageous "teddy bear" who loved his family, loved the US Navy and his country. His actions in the past few years proved he was a true patriot. 
   Sadly we may never know what happened to TWA Flight 800, but thanks to Bill's efforts, it wasn't swept completely under the rug. 
   Please express our sympathies here at News 12 to Bill's wife and entire family. He will not be forgotten. 

Drew Scott

Bob, My deepest condolences to you and your entire family. I have been praying for Bill that if God was going to take him he would have a peaceful passing. I hope that was the case.



Thank you Bob.
My mother (Nancy Koke) told me of Bill's passing yesterday. Bill was a great man and he will be missed.  Please let "Mrs. Donaldson" (as I know her) and Teresa that we are thinking of them. They are like family to us.

Jeffrey S. Koke 

This is a wonderful tribute to Bill, Bob.  I am surely thinking of all of you.  I can see Bill so clearly, standing next to the car, chatting about so many interesting things.  I will keep that with me always


To the family of CDR William S. Donaldson, III,

Please accept my sympathy and deepest condolences upon the passing of CDR Donaldson.
He will be missed by all who seek the truth.

Richard S. Rynar

Bob, I am truely sorry for your loss.  I didn't know him personnally, however, I have kept in touch with his crusade on TWA 800 and continue to believe and voice my opinion that it was shot down based on all the evidence that CDR Donaldson has discovered, organized, and published to the American people.  Even though I know the followers and the remaining members of ARAP will
continue to carry on his work, he will be greatly missed by all.  My prayers and thoughts will continue for you and your family.  God Bless!  Brent Joray 
I was most fortunate to hear Cmdr Donaldson on the Art Bell Show. This is just ONE of many cover-ups our government has conducted. PLEASE' DON'T LET TWA-800 JUST 'DIE ON THE VINE'.
We were sad to hear Bill lost the fight,and at such an early age,was there anything unusual? Thanks for the message. Someday we may understand the why of Cancer. Our best to the flt800 team,we will be monitoring progress. Who will lead the show now?
I am so sorry. I know we all have our appointed time, but I considered Bill a courageous man that we needed for many more years. Is there an address so I can send a card to his wife? Is she the one to whom I should send condolences? I know you'll be inundated, but I would like to know. Thanks for putting me on the list.  David Hendrix
I am so, so sorry - My God - what you all must be suffering. He was a true hero and always will be.  God Bless you and the family,
Kay Pennington
Bob - A great loss for Bill's immediate family and for his extended family.  I, for one, take renewed dedication to the cause for which he sacrificed so much.  Ray Lahr
I want to offer my deepest sympathy and prayers to you and the family.  A
truly tragic loss.  Joe Flynn
Sorry to learn of this.  He was a good seeker of truth and I admired him greatly.  semper fi 
It happens all too often to people who try to effect change and it happens all to many times to people that can achieve these changes. I feel he would be proud to realize how many of us out here he has touched with his efforts to reveal the truth.He would be proud to know he has led others with the same intent but don't yet know how to achieve results...I hope this gives the rest 
of us that feel the way he did the power to pick up the ball and continue to run with it.
My deepest sympathy for passing of Commander Bill Donaldson.  He carried the flag his whole life but he now has peace.  Don't worry for him, when he got to heaven the angels saw those golden wings and said "open the gates for a Naval Aviator, and don't worry about the flying lessons he's an expert."  Bill Taylor
Please accept my condolences on the loss of Cmdr. Donaldson.  I have been following his work and research on TWA 800 for several years, and believe he has made an enormous contribution to the real events surrounding the tragedy.  I never had the honor of meeting the Commander, but I held very high respect for him, and I'm absolutely sure he was a gentlemen of the highest integrity.  He will surely be missed by us all.  Hutch
Your brother's name came up several times at the recent Vegas reunion as people thumbed through yearbooks. I know his buddies from Nouasseur will be deeply saddened. I'll try to get all of the impressive obituary in the September Nouasseur newsletter.

With sympathy,

Sharon Ray Renno '58
Nouasseur Alumni Association

Dear Bob, thanks for the note, please give my condolences to the relatives. We did have a bond as those that fly off of Navy Attack carriers into aerial combat. He was passionate about his interests.
The upcoming Air India Flight 182 trial about another 747 that died in a similar mysterious fashion  to Trans World Airlines Flight 800 should be interesting. It starts in February 2002 in Vancouver, Canada.  Sincerely,  John Barry Smith
I'm so sorry about Bill.  This is a tough time for all of you and you are in  my thoughts and prayers along with Joyce.  I can not make it to the funeral but am going to try to make it to the funeral home on Sunday.  Can you give me directions?

Thanks and my deepest condolences.  Love,  Sally

I'm truly sorry to hear of Bill's Passing.  As a fellow Vietnam Veteran I extend my deepest 
condolences for your family's loss.  Bill was a patriotic American and a fighter for what he 
believed in.  He did more to shake up the status quo of the TWA 800 investigation than anyone.  I am sorry that he wasn't able to pursue it until the truth came to light.  Bill Serrahn
The Aviation and Safety community as well as the nation has lost an honest and determined seeker of THE TRUTH!  We mourn your loss, and send you our best wishes at this difficult time for you and the family.  I am so sorry to hear of Bill's passing.

Thanks to his family for letting him help us so much on TWA 800!  Stuart Rohre

I was extremely saddened to hear about the death of your brother.  He was far too young to leave us.   I am a great admirer of his work and his courage on the TWA800 fiasco. I hope that other will continue his work and you can be assured that I will contribute if I can.  Please let me know who will be the leader in this effort.

With condolences to you and your family members.   Carl A. Davies

Dear Bob,
   Your brother was a fine man, solid as they come. I came to know him, not well, but as a result of his first TWA800 letter to the Wall St Journal. You didn't have to accept his scenario in total to respect him as the only guy who stood out in that whole swirl with a theory that actually made sense, rationally framed and free of paranoid nonsense.     The world is poorer for losing him. My condolences to your family.       Richard Pyle
Many thanks. And our deepest condolences... Joseph Farah  WorldNetDaily
That is a blow, on a personal level.  I'm so sorry, and yet so proud of this guy, he gave me a lot of guts by his example, I sincerely hope that there is a place for people like Bill, a better place.

Bill Donaldson, I always respected and loved your spirit, your guts, your tenacity, it can't have been easy for you.  I won't forget you ever, nor the lessons I learned from you - be safe, be well, be happy.

For those who loved him, as I grew to, he will not fade, he has touched so many with his work, his heart, his sincerity.  He touched me, and I will not forget him.  Trevor Johnston

Our thoughts and prayers are with you. We are so sorry to hear about Bill. His courage and work will live on!  God Bless,  Dave Forman
Just returned from Hook and 3 days of follow-on business in STL.  Really sorry to hear of Willie's passing.  I know he is up in the Big Ready Room, with a big shit-eating grin on his face and looking at the flight schedule for our arrival.  He truly was "one in a million" and his friendship and love of life will be missed by all.  Please convey my deepest sympathy to Joyce and the family.

Thinking of you all,   Lou Lalli 

To Cmdr. Donaldson and others,

     I have expressed my support before for what you and other like minded patriots have been doing.  It has been particularly frustrating for me, because I have been a mainstream media
member, for more than 34 years.
     Something horrible happened that night but we must honor the lives of those who were killed by relentlessly pursuing the truth.  I have expressed my dismay/outrage to both of my U.S. Senators and to my Congressional Rep., Jim Davis, but received nothing but cursory
     I am heartened by the involvement of Reed Irvine to force this issue out of the darkness and into the light where truth is always found.
     Please continue.  I will also continue to add my voice to this scandal.


Chris Thomas
WFLA TV Sports Director

Dear Bob and family, 
Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family at this sad time. I can't believe Bill is gone. He has a wonderful family that was with him to the end. You are, indeed, a very special brother and you have a wonderful family. Bill and Joyce are very lucky and fortunate. I am sorry but we won't be able to come back for the funeral. It was bad timing on my part. Just know that we will be there in spirit and will always remember Bill as the very special person he was in our life and  family events. Let me know if there is anything that I can do for Joyce or family. I wish I could be there for her now but I know she has a wonderful family and lots of friends to comfort her now. Give Mike my love and sympathies. Just know this. Bill told me that he loved his brother soooo
very much and was so grateful for the time you all had together!! Keep in touch and get some much needed rest. With love,  Nancy & Herb Koke 

Sad, sad news but the boy is at peace at last, not that it does much for Joyce or the family.  Anyway, please pass our best to all of them and remind them of the huge presence he was when he was alive. He (and Joyce) welcomed us into their life when we came to Naples - it was wholehearted , without frills, and in proper Southern style. The world is a poorer planet without 
him.  Richard and Tricia

The aviation world and the search for truth are both diminished by his 
passing, but his contributions will long survive. I only met him once, but 
followed his research closely and admired him enormously. My sincerest 
condolences to you and yours. Trevor Armbrister 




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