Associated Retired Aviation Professionals
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E-Mail: ARAP

Admiral Thomas Moorer USN/Ret
Admiral Moorer, is the former Chairman of the JointChief's of Staff
and the most Senior Retired Military Officer in the Group

Brig. General Ben Partin, USAF/Ret
General Partin was instrumental in developing continious rod-missile systems.

CMDR. William S. Donaldson USN/Ret
Commander Donaldson is the former Officer-in-Charge of Carrier Battle Groups Air Traffic Control Center, an air crash investigator and the author of the Interim Report to Congress on TWA Flight 800

Captain Al Mundo TWA/Ret
Captain Mundo is a retired TWA Pilot

Captain Howard Mann TWA/Ret
Captain Mann is a former TWA Pilot, an air crash investigator, participating in four air crash
investigations during his career and the most senior retired commercial pilot in the group.

Major Fred Meyer NYANG/Ret
Major Meyer is a decorated Vietnam Pilot and an eyewitness to the downing of TWA Flight 800.

Rear Admiral Mark Hill, USN/Ret
Admiral Hill, is the former Commanding Officer ofthe USS Independence and an Air Crash Investigator.

Cmdr. Bruce Valley, UNS/Ret
Cmdr. Valley is a retired Naval Aviator and currently President of GlobNet, Inc.

Dr. Gregory A. Harrison, P.E.
Dr. Harrison is a professional Fire Safety Enginneer with a Phd. in Safety Engineering.
He has extensive experience in fire investigations, flammable liquids and explosions.
Dr. Harrison is court qualified to testify on forensics in Md/VA/DC/NJ/PA/LA/TX and FLA.



  Evidence of a Missile

  Flight 800 Database

Flight 800

Poll Results

>1000 Respondents

  Missile-------- 80%


  Bomb --------  4%


  Fuel Tank --- 14%

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