Subcommittee on Aviation - May 6, 1999

The Subcommittee on Aviation held a public hearing on the Reauthorization of the National Transportation Safety Board.  Witnesses were solicited to provide their written testimony by close of business May 4, 1999. 

Press Release regarding the Hearing - pdf, Text version

Testimony was heard from Chairman James Hall of the NTSB, the Rand Corporation and Cmdr. Donaldson.

Cmdr. Donaldson's testimony focused on the inability of the NTSB to solve the $40 million mystery while putting forward an insupportable theory that the Center Fuel Tank blew up spontaneously. There is Zero evidence that a spark in the center fuel tank caused the disaster, yet the NTSB and FBI have kept eyewitness testimony secret for nearly 3 years. Cmdr. Donaldson has access to 118 eyewitnesses on 18 boats and 30 locations ashore that surrounded the launch site of a missile. He also produced physical evidence that proves the NTSB and FBI have been lying to the American public about their investigation. While the NTSB was telling the public the trawling operation was designed to recover every last piece of the aircraft and all human remains, the documents he submitted to the Aviation Subcommittee prove the operation was specifically designed to find and hide missile parts. The Dredging was centered around the last radar return at a distance that was the suspected range of a Stinger missile. Most of the area dredged did not have aircraft parts and most of the area containing the aircraft parts was not in the dredging area. Donaldson's testimony is available in PDF format (click here for FBI Trawling Manual) or in text format

Flight 800 Independent Researchers Organization (FIRO)- Testimony by Tom Stalcup - Chairman.  Mr. Stalcup's request to testify in person was turned down but his remarks were introduced into the written record. 

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