Congressman Traficant's Involvement

ARAP's Interim Report was originally requested by Congressman James A. Traficant, D - Ohio, a member of the House Aviation subcommittee. Two days before the scheduled release of this report, in July 1998, Congressman Traficant issued his own report stating that he agreed with the NTSB findings but criticized the handling of the matter by the NTSB and the FBI. He concludes by weakly stating that there should be Congressional hearings to quell the controversy surrounding the Crash Investigation by the NTSB and FBI. It appears that the administration has influenced Mr. Traficant, since he issued his "report" without ever seeing Cmdr. Donaldson's Independent analysis and now claims to support the NTSB's position. Congressman Traficant said there was "no new evidence" to support the missile theory even though he had not seen Cmdr. Donaldson's report. If, after reading this report, you disagree, you should speak out.

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