Interim Report - July 17, 1998

Much of the material in this report comes from the NTSB itself.  Unfortunately, they have ignored a great deal of forensic evidence, which points conclusively to the actual cause of the crash.  Some of the material in this report has not been released to the public by the NTSB, but was leaked by people who were concerned about the course of the investigation.  A great deal of other evidence, such as the FBI's eyewitness notes, appear to have attained "top secret" status and have not been released, even back to the witnesses who gave the reports. 

The report was published using Adobe Acrobat which provides a high resolution document that can be read from various types of computers. It will require that you have Acrobat Reader which can be downloaded for free from Adobe at: Adobe Acrobat Free Reader

The report has been updated several times and is now 124 pages. It is provided as a complete document and also broken up into a number of files for ease of downloading. In addition to the report, we have been adding other material related to the investigation and related press reports. We will continue to add relevant information on an on-going basis, so check back from time to time. 

At a press conference on July 20, 1998 where Cmdr. Donaldson's report was explained, Dr. Vernon L. Grose, former Board Member of the NTSB and former commentator for CNN stood up and declared that he could no longer support the Center Fuel Tank being the cause of the crash and that there was sufficient new evidence that a missile could have shot down TWA Flight 800. He joined Cmdr. Donaldson in calling for full Congressional Hearings.

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